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San Diego: Family Fall Session

We are normally behind the camera…My best friend and I have our own portrait photography business in our respective home towns and have decided to combine our wedding photography business, since we already photograph weddings together, forming Pam and Tara Photography. So when Pam asked me to take pictures of her beautiful family and have the opportunity to see her in front of the camera, I was absolutely thrilled because it doesn’t happen often.  We’ve been friends 25+ years and I have had the privilege of watching her family grow.  I am smitten with her two beautiful daughters and I’m always delighted when I can get Auntie Tara time in.  This fun family spends lots of time at the softball field and on the road at various tournaments. And can also be found relaxing and riding in the open desert dunes during their family vacations.  Here are some pics from that fabulous afternoon.


tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_004tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_008tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_001tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_005tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_006tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_007tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_009tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_010tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_017tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_016tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_012tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_013tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_014tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_015tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_030tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_022tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_023tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_026tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_027tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_029tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_028tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_020tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_019tara-nalani-photography-san-diego-photo_024Conchas Family, thanks for spending the afternoon with me and rewarding me with a mouth-watering flat bread meal.  Nene, remember Auntie Tara is the ‘Bread Expert'; and Lexia, keep singing that ‘Bean Dancing’ song. Until next time…

Luvs and hugs,
-Tara Nalani

  • November 21, 2014 - 4:08 pm

    Pamela Conchas - OMG Tara. I love them… and you know me.. I’m so much better behind the camera. … we had an amazing time with you during our session and your visit with us… hugs and loves. . Conchas familyReplyCancel

  • November 21, 2014 - 5:57 pm

    Nadine Tubbs - Beautiful family pics, can’t believe how big the girls have gotten. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel

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