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Nicole 2014

Music and the environment are her passions…Nicole knows what she wants and the motivation in her voice about her life goals is inspiring.  These upcoming months will be focused on deciding where she would like to spend the next four years.  In the meantime, Nicole will continue to fill the school grounds with her love of playing the flute.  We picked a day to hang out the park and were grateful when the rain stopped and the clouds parted.  Here are some pics from that wonderful afternoon (rain free).


2014-09-26_00192014-09-26_00232014-09-26_00242014-09-26_00222014-09-26_00232014-09-26_00162014-09-26_00042014-09-26_00202014-09-26_00082014-09-26_00022014-09-26_00062014-09-26_0007Nicole, I am moved by your life ambitions and look forward to hearing how you are going to change the world for the better (no pressure).  You are stunningly beautiful from the inside and out. It was a true pleasure hanging out with you and I wish you all the best in your remaining days in high school.  Any college would be honored to have you…

-Tara Nalani

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