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Morgan 2014

I can’t believe she’s graduating.  It doesn’t feel that long ago when I use to be taller than her.  And now, she’s getting ready to conquer the world.

2014-05-29_00012014-05-29_00022014-05-29_00032014-05-29_00052014-05-29_00042014-05-29_00062014-05-29_00072014-05-29_00082014-05-29_00092014-05-29_00102014-05-29_00112014-05-29_00122014-05-29_00132014-05-29_00162014-05-29_00152014-05-29_00172014-05-29_0014Morgan, you have grown into a beautiful, smart young woman. Congratulations on accomplishing this chapter in your life. I’m excited to see where your next adventures take you.

-Tara Nalani

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