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Matthew 2014

“I want to be an engineer…on cars.” Matthew’s response to what he wants to be when he grows up.  My assistants’ (aka husband) ears perked up and I knew I just witnessed a new car friendship being formed. We have known Matthew and his family for years; in fact, they are like family to us.  So when I heard it was time to take Matthew’s senior pictures, I was denial because it proved that time is moving too fast. But after spending more time with Matthew and learning more about what he wants to do with his life, I was suddenly calm knowing that our future will be in good hands with young, bright, and ambitious people like him. Here are a few pics from that wonderful afternoon.


2014-08-08_00012014-08-08_00022014-08-08_00042014-08-08_00032014-08-08_00062014-08-08_00052014-08-08_00072014-08-08_00182014-08-08_00142014-08-08_00122014-08-08_00132014-08-08_00102014-08-08_00112014-08-08_00092014-08-08_00082014-08-08_00152014-08-08_00192014-08-08_00172014-08-08_00202014-08-08_0016Matthew, we are so excited to witness this next phase of your adventure.  Keep dreaming big and pushing hard because we are looking forward to the day we can say we own a car that was engineered by you.

-Tara Nalani


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