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Makailah and Adam

She told me her daughter just got engaged.  My dear friend Ebie shared the wonderful news and posted a video of her daughter’s sweet proposal. A Build A Bear stuffed animal with a recorded voice asking for Makailah’s hand in marriage (cue the awwws) was a jaw dropping surprise for the future bride. Makailah and Adam wanted a garden backdrop for their engagement session, so we decided on Bellevue’s Botanical Gardens and the weather was perfect. We started off with fun discussions about their wedding planning and then transitioned into taking some fun photos. During our session, I loved watching the easiness between these two and the way Adam looks at Makailah is just adorable.  Here are a few pictures from that morning. 


Loving the playfulness.
Oh Makailah, you are gorgeous. 
Sweet moment…

Adam, lookin’ good. 

Beautiful couple…
Makailah and Adam, I’m so excited for the both of you and looking forward to your special day.  Congratulations on your engagement and for starting your next big adventure. 

-Tara Nalani

To see more pictures, check out the slideshow below. 
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