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Lighting in Leavenworth

Did you know it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft? “Ten thousand hours is the magic number to greatness”… according to Malcolm Gladwell in the book called Outliers (fabulous book by the way).  10,000 hours of photography is a lot of hours and I’m no where near it. But, I’m on this photography journey to learn new things and to keep it interesting (and in hopes of mastering this craft), I signed up for a photography lighting workshop in Leavenworth, WA. The workshop was hosted by Zach and Jody, 2 fabulous wedding photographers based out of Nashville. Not only do they know their stuff, they are a wonderful married team and have so much more energy than my 2-year old nephew (ok, not really…but they are awesome).

The workshop is a 2-day event.  I unfortunately only attended the second day (regretting not attending the first day…oh and we missed the Leavenworth Ale festival.  Can you say ‘epic planning fail’ on my part). Leavenworth is only a couple of hours from my home…so, Yay…Roadtrip!!! I packed up my gear and my husband and we headed east.  We stayed at the Bavarian Lodge.  Loved the lodge…the decor was adorable and it’s located right across the street from Leavenworth’s Village Center, so convenient.

Class started about a quarter to 12.  It was perfect.  Got to catch up on some sleep and had a fabulous breakfast.  After a couple of hours of class instruction, we headed outside to put those ‘learnings’ to a test.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous, but Zach and Jody made the process so simple.  I was feeling pretty rockstar’ish myself by end of day.  I now truly understand Zach and Jody’s definition of In-Camera, which means, killer images without the assistance of aid, such as Photoshop.  Cheers to minimizing Photoshop time and creating killer images straight out of the camera.

Here are a few pics….enjoy!

Couple of set up pics…the Zach and Jody’ster bottom left.

I can’t get over how this 1 strobe light is giving this killer glamour painted on look…just brilliant.

And THAT my friends is not a fake background…
Just gorgeous…

One of my faves…rockin’ a 2 light set up.  

Another set up shot…oh, aren’t the mountains just gorgeous.  I was so pumped to photograph in this beautiful city.

The camera just luvs this girl…

Special thanks to our models Emily and Haley.  You both are so adorable.  Thanks Heidi for letting a bunch of photographers take over your home.  You and the family were so welcoming. Molly, thanks for masterminding / coordinating the event….soooo grateful to have taken advantage of the opportunity. To my fellow photographers…absolutely enjoyed meeting you and sharing stories, looking forward to future hangouts. Last but not least, Zach ‘n Jody you are Rockstars.  Not only in your photography, but also in your kindness and genuineness in teaching others.  I’m so thankful that you are helping me along this journey. I wish you much continued success…until next time.


-Tara Nalani

  • April 27, 2012 - 3:21 pm

    angie - GORGEOUS! your images are fantastic! Wish we could have been there for both days together!!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • April 28, 2012 - 7:13 pm

    Ally Davis - FANTASTIC WORK! It was great meeting you :)ReplyCancel

  • April 30, 2012 - 1:50 am

    TaraNalani - Thanks Angie and Ally :)ReplyCancel

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