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Kaitryn 2014

Hiking, shopping, and hanging out with her friends.  A few favorite things Kaitryn likes to do while she’s contemplating on what lies in her next adventure…college.  Although we did hear from a little birdie that the green and yellow colors with a Duck as the mascot, might be a high contender. Whatever she decides, Kaitryn’s got all the love and support from her family and friends.  We look forward to hearing where she will be spending her next four years.  In the meantime, here are some gorgeous pictures of the soon to be high school grad.


2014-08-17_00012014-08-17_00022014-08-17_00042014-08-17_00032014-08-17_00052014-08-17_00232014-08-17_00162014-08-17_00062014-08-17_00172014-08-17_00072014-08-17_00092014-08-17_00182014-08-17_00132014-08-17_00142014-08-17_00222014-08-17_00212014-08-17_00202014-08-17_00082014-08-17_00152014-08-17_00112014-08-17_0019Kaitryn, you have grown into a beautiful, smart, young lady with a wonderful sense of humor and generous heart. Enjoy your high school senior year and cherish this wonderful time. We look forward to seeing the next chapter of your life.  Go Ducks….ooops, was that too soon?!?

-Tara Nalani

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