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I’m Still Going For It: Reflecting on 2012

When starting this photography journey in March 2012, I had little understanding of how this was going to change my life.  And my life sure did change, for the better.  My life, though much busier, seems to have more clarity and purpose.  I guess those are wonderful byproducts when doing something you are passionate about.  Whatever happens going forward, I am glad I took the leap.  Cheers to 2013, following your dreams and having the courage in moments you need it most. In March 2012, I said ‘Here I Go‘.  In the new year, I say ‘I’m Still Going For It’.  

Thank you all for the continued words of encouragement.  I am so grateful.  To those who allowed me to photograph you and trusted me to capture those moments, my sincere thanks for joining me on this journey.  You have enriched my life in more ways than I can express. Here are a few of my reflections.  


Emilia and Alex


Gina and Ryan

Stylize Photo Shoot: Garden Theme

Braun Sisters

Tubbs and Ruiz Families

Danielle and Bo

Kaitryn and Nicole

Martha and Jonathan

Tien Family

Krystina and Brett

Tiah and Rico

Lall Family

Jessica and Chris

It’s Fall Time

Jenny, Ava, and Sydney

Vanessa and Nick

Law Family

Jepsen Family

Kryctal and Nate

Last, but definitely not least, to my husband who has been my rock.  I adore you.  To my parents, who are my biggest fans, thank you for always accepting my successes and failures. 

Happy New Years! 

-Tara Nalani

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