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Getting My Moo On

My Moo business cards came in (again).  I’ll explain the (again) in a sec…but, I’m so excited that they have arrived.  I found out about Moo through another photographer and he was showing me the mini business cards.  The mini’s are half the size of regular size business cards AND…you can have up to 100 different images in your order.  How cool is that?!?  If you are in the market for business cards and want to show off your personal style, check out Moo and all the different design options.

Oh, the part about (again)…soooo, I was bit excited in ordering the business cards before the website and blog officially launched.  I learned the hard way that you cannot attach the word ‘blog’ to your main domain name if you are hosting a website from one company and hosting your blog from another.  I finally got it all figured out, but you’ll notice the word ‘blog’ is in front of my domain name instead of at the end…and now I’ve got a new set of business cards with the updated blog url…lesson learned.

Here are a few pics…(of course I took pictures on the unveiling of the cards…wouldn’t you?)


-Tara Nalani


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