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Big Things Come in Small Packages

He is a car fanatic.  The Mini Cooper is the latest toy for my husband Rodger.  Some of you know he has a crazy passion for cars as I do for photography.  And it’s great when we can tie the two together to spend some quality time like on our ‘Date Day with Cars‘ outing.  Rodger wanted to go out for a Sunday drive and I wanted to play with my camera and it’s video capabilities.  It was win win for the both of us.  Here are a few pics from that afternoon.  Oh…and check out my VERY amateur video below.  I’m pretty impressed with my camera’s video capabilities.  The videographer on the other hand, well…let’s just say I’ve got lots to learn.


The Cooper packs a punch and we can imagine driving it during our retirement years.  Although we may have to do a bit of yelling to hear each other over the muffler, we are looking forward to many more Sunday drives.

-Tara Nalani

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