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A Weekend Getaway

I wanted to hear the sound of the ocean.  Growing up in Southern California and having a surfer dad, the beach reminds me of family time and serenity.  So my wonderful husband planned a weekend getaway to celebrate another year of being alive…my birthday.  Here are a few pictures from that wonderful weekend.


2013-10-11_00022013-10-11_00032013-10-11_00042013-10-11_00052013-10-11_00062013-10-11_00072013-10-11_00082013-10-11_00092013-10-11_00102013-10-11_00112013-10-11_00122013-10-11_00132013-10-11_00142013-10-11_00152013-10-11_00162013-10-11_00172013-10-11_00182013-10-11_00192013-10-11_00202013-10-11_00212013-10-11_00222013-10-11_00232013-10-11_00242013-10-11_00252013-10-11_00262013-10-11_00272013-10-11_00282013-10-11_00292013-10-11_00302013-10-11_00312013-10-11_00322013-10-11_00332013-10-11_00342013-10-11_00352013-10-11_00362013-10-11_0037I feel absolutely blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends.  They have rallied behind me in times of need, brought me laughter, and created many new life memories.  Looking forward to many more memories.

-Tara Nalani

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